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Diploma in Customs Clearance Subject Details


Diploma in Customs Clearance

Two years
SNo Subject Code Semester 1
1 LG01 Customs Law
2 LG02 Customs Procedure
3 LG03 Customs Rules
4 LG04 Customs Regulations
SNo Subject Code Semester 2
1 LG05 Export Policy
2 LG06 Import Policy
3 LG07 Customs duties with their calculation & its exemption notifications
4 LG08 FEMA & PGA (other agencies involved in Customs clearances)
5 LG09 Role of Customs Broker
SNo Subject Code Semester 3
1 LG10 Schemes under EXIM
2 LG11 Classification
3 LG12 Valuation
4 LG13 Warehousing
SNo Subject Code Semester 4
1 LG14 Drawback & Refund
2 LG15 EDI Process and amendments on Customs Clearance on Export & Import Goods
3 LG16 Adjudication and Appeals
4 LG17 Interaction with Customs Officers on Queries or Issues & Practical